Thursday, February 12, 2009

Let's have a swanky party. You bring the cabernet. I'll bring the brie.

I finished my first project in my Directed Projects class last week, and neglected to blog it right away. Shame on me! So i am posting it now. The projects in this class are up to us to plan. I have been wanting to beef up the surface design part of my portfolio, continuing in the same vein as my winter box design from last quarter, with the skinny fashionistas. I decided, spurred on by a suggestion by my professor, to do a party line of products, and i geared my project to be this sort of wine and cheese party. Project number two will be the products that coincide with this illustration: cups, napkins, a wine box, etc.

I was thinking about some of the parties i went to with friends of mine in New York City. Specifically probably this one party I went to with my friend, Ezra, where the host had this fantastic view, the whole wall was a giant window overlooking some fantastic NYC landmark building (or maybe it was Madison Square Garden). I was also thinking about the view from the roof top bar of 60 Thompson, which is fabulously snazzy, and has a gorgeous view of an ocean of staggered buildings.

I had some problems with the colors in this one, i had a lot going on, and i wanted the the outfits to be individualized and funky and fun. Funky and fun equals lots of color to me, so i had to reel in the palate, and it didn't come out how i had imagined, but i think it ended up being pretty nice. I would go to my party. I always have fun when i put these kind of illustrations together, i think because i partly imagine myself in the scenes. I plan on doing more!

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