Monday, April 6, 2009

Fluke: Mini-Comics Show

So Pat and I took a little journey to Athens, GA this weekend for the Fluke: Mini-Comics show. I wasn't really sure what to expect, but thought it would be a fun, counter-cultural experience that i would enjoy, and it did not disappoint. The event was held at the upstairs at a bar, with the place transformed by about 50 artists to be a trunk show for their wares: mostly mini-comics, but there were also an assortment of graphic novels, stickers, prints, buttons, postcards, and handmade items.

Some of the mini-comics were beautifully made, i marveled at the craftsmanship of some of these tiny little books, the accordion pages pasted together, with a sleeve to encase the little object. Most of the items were priced very low, many artists just seemed excited to get their work out there, and some artists even traded for other's comics. There were also bigger companies like Top Shelf selling graphic novels (I love Blankets)--these of course were more $, but great quality of course. I was very excited to purchase a hard cover copy of Image Comic's Comic Book Tattoo (tales inspired by Tori Amos songs), which i had been wanting for a while, and got it signed by one of the artist and writer teams in it.

It was great to see the broad range of styles, media, and talent all in one place. The show was small, so it wasn't like going to a big con, which was nice. (Although i do have to start preparing myself for the overwhelming-ness that will be Heroes Con, which i think will be a fun thing to go to with Pat.) Everyone was kinda laid-back, and I could really see how close-knit the comics community was, everyone introducing people to each other, and talking about the art.

After a good couple hours of making our way around to different tables at the show and talking to artists, Pat and I did a little Athens sight-seeing...

Me and the two little kids who ruined my picture at UGA campus. (Florida's is better...GO Gators!)

Downtown Athens is Awesome.

The loot (Pat's and mine collectively). We have a lot to read.

After a stop at the awesome art and craft store, Hobby Lobby, which we spent waaay too much time in, Pat and I started on our way back to Atlanta. We had a great trip to Athens and a fun day. If we are still living in Atlanta, we will definitely be back to Fluke next year.


patbollin said...

It was a fun trip! I love having a girlfriend that likes comics. You're awesome!

Brenda L. said...

Hahah those two little kids photobombed you!

It sounded fun! I wish I could have gone, but alas, so much to do.