Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dancing Fields Book Signing

Illustrator and author together! Me and author Ronit Elk

This afternoon I attended a signing event for the book I recently illustrated, A Surprise at Dancing Fields, at author Ronit Elk's community. The community, where her story takes place is a co-housing community. Co-housing is an interesting concept that features car-free neighborhoods and community areas. Ronit's community is a particularly beautiful place that was very inspirational to me when I was designing the images for Dancing Fields.

The event began with a reading of two chapters by author Ronit, with the help of Blaise, the girl of who the character Tali is based on. All the kids of the community sat up front to hear the story, and were captivated.

The whole community came out, it was great to see some of the Dancing Fields characters I illustrated. Some of them I felt like I knew even though we had never met!

Isn't this a great cake?! It features the book cover in yummy icing.

Here is a little bit more about A Surprise at Dancing Fields:

Who is the book for? This is a chapter book (children can read themselves) for children aged 7-12. Each chapter has a wonderful illustration (by me!)

What is the book about?
"Dancing Fields is a special place to live, where doors are never locked, toys are left outside and cars are not allowed wherever children play. All the kids who live there know each other. But even through it's a really cool place to live, things don't always go so perfectly. In A Surprise at Dancing Fields, you'll read about the adventures of four friends, Tali, Andrea, Jennifer and Sand, and a newer resident- Katarina- a shy, ten year old year old girl adopted from Russia. The friends are inseparable, even though Jennifer has a real "mean streak!" One day while playing, the girls discover a turtle laying eggs and promise to protect the eggs until they hatch. And protect they do, from the neighborhood cat to neighborhood boys to flying potatoes (you'll have to read about that!)

Over the summer, adventures turn into serious misadventure and Katarina comes to the rescue. Thanks to her bravery, she is hailed as a hero. We find out the reasons for Jennifer's meanness and watch as she changes for the better. A Surprise at Dancing Fields is all about new beginnings: of hurtful ways replaced with kindness, of acceptance, friendship, gratefulness and (of course!) of the cutest little baby turtles. Join the Dancing Fields friends in this reading adventure."

How do I order?
Copies may be obtained for a reduced rate of $9.99 (+ shipping) through the author. ($1 of this will go to a charity of your choice.) Email author Ronit Elk at


order through the AuthorHouse Bookstore

What does the book cost? The book will be available at regular bookstores and on in January. The price will be $10.49 Prices directly from the author are a DISCOUNTED $9.99 (+ shipping).


Laura said...

Congratulations Renee! This sounds like a great story and I love your illustrations. Way to go!

ReneeRivas said...

Thanks, Laura! :-)

My Owl Barn said...

Congratulations Renee! That cake looks more beautiful with your illustration on it. Have a great day!