Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Final Projects

Concepts and Composition: Create surface designs to apply to a box in a christmas/holiday theme.

Box #1: I created this pattern in Illustrator. I tried to use Argyle as an inspiration for a playful Christmas pattern.

Box#2: This is the artwork I created to wrap around the below box. This was definitely another experimental piece. I drew the image in pieces, inked each with a thin Micron, and then brought the images in Photoshop to assemble and color in a messy style. The messy style of coloring originated when i was creating a quick color comp in the computer. I liked the way I was coloring outside the lines-- I was concentrating on just getting a sense of how the colors interacted together at this point-- and thought it went well with the rough sort of inking i did. I decided to carry it through into the final image.

I cut glass, and made a sort of shadow box for the lid.

Drawing for Sequential Art: create at least 5 images that illustrate a story of a character stealing something from another character. A struggle will ensue. Must demonstrate 2 examples of each of the three types of perspective, at least one panel of dramatic lighting, contain an animal, be set in a specific city, etc.

For this project, i tried the same coloring style as i did with Box#2. I had a lot of fun coloring it. Once i was done drawing the images, i basically reverted back to my childhood and colored it without being mindful of the lines i had carefully created.

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some thing hided in ur mind...............
i mean talent
but your pics says a good art talent and they spoke about u ...
good keep it up Renee