Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Adobe Power!

With the premiere of the newest version of the Abode suite of programs, CS4, came a drastic drop in prices. Even the student rates were reduced, making the Adobe programs only moderately outrageous. (I shouldn't complain though, the software does basically everything short of backflips...) So, finally, i purchased my first piece of legal software. It is a long time coming too. I have been using CS1 and Dreamweaver 8 at home, but mostly going to school to use the more up to date programs. The files were especially tricky in Illustrator, working from one version to the next, if i chose to work partly at home.

I am anxious to try it out, but i need to get my laptop fixed before i install (and i may try to upgrade the operating system), so i am holding off for what probably will be a week or so. However, i did learn some about the new programs through the Adobe presentation at SCAD-Atlanta toward the end of the quarter. The suite is even more fantastic than the last go-around, CS3, (no surprise!). In Photoshop CS4 the 3D upgrades were pretty impressive, (although i doubt i would use them). The program also has the ability to rotate your image canvas while working now. There are also advances in the automerging/photomereging that were demo-ed (so awesome!). All this made me very excited, and i will probably blog later about all the other cool things i find out about the programs, but, all in all, I am just happy to be current! Yay!

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