Thursday, February 26, 2009

Swanky Party - line of party products

Just finished my latest project, based on the illustration i posted previously of the wine and cheese party. From that party image, I have now created products which include: a set of plates (large and small), napkins (large and small), cups, invitations, a dishtowel, and a wine box.

This was both a frustrating and truly rewarding undertaking. It was frustrating because i had to deal with lots of measurements, and numbers are a weakness for me. But when i saw my products come together, it was really happy, and think i pulled it off fairly well. (I got some good critiquing from my professors, things to think about).

This is my first attempt at anything of this kind, and i will do more lines of products based upon my "fashionista" imagery soon.


Teo said...

As a person who spent 4 years working in a Party Retails store, what you've created is gold.

Reneenay10 said...

Thanks, Teo!