Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Maps of Malta gig poster

This is a band poster I did for my friend's band, Maps of Malta. They don't have much of an visual image yet, so i had pretty much a free range of imagery to draw from. At the beginning of the project i really had no idea of where to go. Looking at other band posters, I realized just how much free range i had, because the imagery often does not relate AT ALL to the music. SO i tried to come up with some imagery that was quirky, and pop/rock influenced. Ultimately, the band's song titles were the inspiration--they have a couple that reference the morning. So i went with this gross-ish kinda breakfast thing.

The technique was tons of fun. Once i inked it and tweaked it enough to where i was happy with it, I did a variation of the Susan Berghard technique, which involves using distressed laser printed paper. I really enjoyed roughing it up after that too: I scanned in images of coffee stains, ink splatters, and experimented with some drawing with some mulch outside for some other effects to make it a little less pristine.

I hope my buddy Jordan and Maps of Malta like the poster!

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