Monday, March 23, 2009

What I Did on My Spring Break

Well, I am really glad i didn't have any travels planned this spring break because I ended up getting very sick with some sort of flu/food poisoning and was very content to spend the better part of the break in my comfy bed and couch. I did have high hopes of getting a lot of work done on a freelance job, which I did get somewhere with, just not as far along as i had hoped.

So when i wasn't spewing my guts out i actually got some reading done! I discovered a GREAT new comic series called The Umbrella Academy by Gerard Way (art by Gabriel Ba, with delicious colors by Dave Stewart) that I zipped through, and became quickly in awe of. I got Pat hooked on it too. It's about super-human orphans who were adopted by this rich genius and crafted into a para-normal sorta ghost and alien fighting team. The characters I immediately fell in love with because they are so quirky. I am failing to really communicate the awesomeness that is this story and art, but it's a great, fun, beautiful read.

I also read the newest Scott Pilgrim, in which SP battled yet another of Ramona Flower's evil ex-boyfriends, coming through unscathed (love it!). And Pat and I finished season 3 of Avatar: The Last Airbender, which left us hungry for more episodes that don't exist (deep sigh, can't wait for the movie...).

On the final day of break, i decided that i should do something fun! So i decided to do something i have been wanting to do for a while. I have been trolling The Temple of Cartoon Mojo, the SCAD-ATL Sequential Art blog (which my bf did the header for!), and always seen the weekly sketch challenges, and wanted to participate. I have also been looking for an opportunity to collaborate with the bf, Pat Bollin, on a project, and thought this was a great time to do that as well. I came up with a concept, and i drew it, then did line art with microns, and Pat digitally colored it (brilliantly, i might add :-) .

The challenge was to draw a character from any graphic novel/comic we were reading, and of course i had to do the Umbrella Academy. I was also making a lot of trips to Panera over break, trying to satisfy my bland, getting-over-being-sick diet with bagels and rolls and 7up, so i drew me and Pat sitting at Panera, reading. I drew him as the character "Spaceboy" and me as "The Rumor," with "Pogo" serving us coffee and soda. Ang, from Avatar is in the background ordering something. I thought it pretty much summed up our spring break, at least the happy end part of our spring break. We had a lot of fun working on it together and think more projects together will be in the future!

All in all, wish i had time to do more, which is always the case with a break, but i am excited about all the assignments and things to come from a new quarter of classes!


Rick Lovell said...

That's a cool piece; nice collaboration, too. So, why'd you make Pat's head so crazy tiny?... u sayin' something here?

Reneenay10 said...

Yeah, making his head so tiny was a mistake. I thought originally when i looked at the Sapceboy character in the comic that his head was tinier than normal, but i looked again after Pat had colored it and noticed it was only smaller in comparison to his huge body. Nothing implied! Sorry, Pat!